2024 Resolutions

I forget my resolutions from last year, so I'll write them down this year to keep me honest. Also, happy three(!) year anniversary to my personal website and writing in public.

Connect More

First, connect more. This is purposely broad; I want to touch base with old friends that I enjoy being with, as well as meet new people. This can be a phone call, grabbing casual coffees, dinners, drinks, walks, whatever! I feel happiest after socializing, so I'm making a point of putting in the effort to do so.

Exercise More

Classic. Need to get back to regularly lifting weights and exercising. It's been tough to maintain a schedule as I travel between friends in Philadelphia, home in Princeton, and my apartment in Hoboken. Hoping a more regular schedule will make regular exercise easier. Less sugar too, but that's nothing new.

Listen More

Sometimes I have a hard time listening. I often get distracted mid-conversation by random thoughts, which pulls me away from being present. Not a fan of that. I recently deleted social apps from my phone as a way to reclaim my attention span, which has shown very positive effects, so I'll keep that up. I hope connecting more will help with this too.

Help More

Related to the first resolution, I want to use my engineering skills to help others. It makes me feel really good, and I consider myself an effective teacher. I'm not sure how I'll manifest this; pro-bono work may be a good option. If the work can help me connect with someone, especially another business owner, then that would make me feel amazing.

Want Less

I'm always reminded of this quote. It's a good one.

Everything you "get" becomes something you "have". Learn how to be happy "having" things instead of "getting" them.