Coding Isn't My Passion

I love building. The feeling of creating something feels so good, it must be tapping into something deep inside me. Has to be in my genes or something.

Right now that takes the form of code. It enables me to build powerful, usable stuff that anyone can use. But the most important part: I can do that without any resources or capital and a minimum amount of risk.

That being said, my passion isn't coding. It's definitely not computers, it's not software, and it's certainly not SaaS. I love it, but I'm not obsessed with it.

So when Arcade becomes successful (when, not if ;-)), the next thing I do won't be another software thing. I don't want to sit alone in front of a computer all day again. It's tough. As an extrovert, I'm constantly craving working with others and the ability to collaborate. Unfortunately in a bootstrapped scenario that is usually the only option. I don't want everything to be virtual and remote.

The next thing I do is going to be tangible. A physical product. Something that I can touch and feel. Something that exists in the real world. Something that I can easily show others. Something that my friends and family can help me with and possibly use. Something that enables me to meet interesting people and do cool things with others. That's my ideal form of creating.

Coding isn't my passion. Creating things with others is. Solving problems, helping others, and contributing back. Right now, coding is a means to do that. In the larger picture, software is my vehicle to capital—and subsequently, freedom to do what I want.

When I have that freedom, coding isn't what I'll be doing.