Content Overload

While I'm definitely able to write another substantial post tonight, I have to pace myself. I have too much content from this week that I still have to share to Twitter, Reddit, etc. It's becoming overwhelming!

This problem also has me thinking about how I want to manage all of this writing. I think there's some gold in here already, and I expect more to come. With more and more content, it's going to get hard keeping track of all this. The site is really minimal and I want to keep it that way, so adding more shit to the blog isn't a solution.

I've been thinking of posting my best posts here to another platform where they might get more visibility...I was thinking Medium or something else. Medium has its downsides, but the copy on the blog will always be here. That way my best posts are easily searchable and all in one place.

I'm not sure! If you have any ideas please slide in the DMs!