Deco: A Solid-Adjacent Approach to Decentralized Linked Data

I started some discussions on Reddit a while back to understand a little bit more about Solid. I dove into the spec and formed opinions. I was not fond of the developer and user experience that patterns in the Solid protocol created.

Since then, I've been pursuing a project that I consider Solid-adjacent. It's called Deco. I think it can achieve the same goals such as linked data and decentralized, individually owned servers.

However, I believe the plugin ecosystem provides a better experience for extending server capabilities. I'm also leaning into the benefits of individually owning and storing data, specifically in regards to training personal artificial intelligence profiles and networking them between servers. I've leaned into many traditional web technologies, like using JS as the plugin delivery method and traditional JSON for data formatting. I believe these patterns will decrease the difficulty of joining the decentralized network, and increase adoption. I see a future where every business and person has some instantiation of a Deco server.

Check out the repository:

And here is the repository of core plugins:

I've also done some writing on the topic here on my blog:
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Originally written as a Reddit post for /r/Solid