Embracing Growth

Just two years ago I was writing my first backend code for Junior Workshop at Drexel. Today I was configuring security protocols on my API endpoints, managing fine-grain access permissions, and overhauling security on our server.

Thinking back on it, two years feels like a lifetime ago. I couldn't have possibly imagined the amount of problems I'd face and overcome, and the resulting growth from solving those problems.

I'm proud that when I say "full-stack", I mean it. The person I was two years ago would be so proud of my current self. Surprisingly, I'm not surprised. Something deep down inside me always knew I wanted to be fluent in some form of creation. Whether that was actually a call for independence or some underlying itch to build, I'm not sure. But it was always an inevitability in my head.

The progress has led me to a mindset that if you really want to learn and do something, you can get there. It takes time, persistence, and an unending curiosity. Grit.

Where will I be in two more years? I have no idea, but I'm excited to see.