End of Daily Posts

I wrote every day for 2 months and 11 days while only missing a single day. For now though, I'm taking a break.

On January 1st, I said I was going to write every day of 2021, no matter how long or short and about any topic I choose. It was a great idea! I loved it the first month. February got a little more difficult, but the quality of the posts were still good. March came around and it has become near impossible to write something of quality.

I've said before I want to write with purpose. I wanted to write posts that matter, that mean something and possibly carry a message that you, the reader, could take away. When March came around, my energy to create declined severely, taking with it the quality of my posts. I felt exhausted. Posts became more diary-like rather than a captain's log. Something that I wanted to avoid. Writing every day became a chore rather than an enjoyment, especially when working on the business was hard enough that day.

Eventually, the posts stopped having purpose. The messages were insignificant if present at all, the posts lacked links, and they were generally weak. On top of this, I didn't feel like tweeting or sharing links, so there was no feedback or reception without direct work.

Then, when I discovered Beeple's daily art, something inside me gave up. It was a weird mixture of inspiration and futility. A feeling of "THIS is where I want the quality of my stuff to be at, but I can't do that." Seeing his work made me admit to myself that my writing was declining in quality, and I wasn't happy with its current state. That's the important part: I wasn't improving. So that was the last day.

At the very least, a break is needed. Writing, like most things, is something that takes time and energy to produce quality work. I was so focused on quantity that I was unable to maintain quality.

I may come back. I'll probably write again when I'm ready or inspired. But for now, I'm drained and defeated. I need that creative muscle to recharge.

I want to produce things that wow. Something viewers can consume and be impacted. This medium, this writing, is not it. I want to discover what that thing is for me.

And no, nobody's getting $50. Fuck off.