Figuring It Out

So much of creation is "figuring it out as you go." It's impossible for one person to know the answer to every problem off the top of their head or every detail of every tool needed to complete a job. That's an inconvenient truth when you consider that creating something involves problems around every corner.

Of course, as a creator you can ignore all of this and choose the easy option: work somewhere where they've figured out all the hard problems and stand on the probably-now-rich-shoulders of giants.

But if you're interested in the challenge, excitement, or potential reward of building your own thing, problems are inevitable. It's a daily occurrence finding something I don't know how to solve right away. Some problems are harder than others, sure, but those hard problems will come.

Especially when you're deep into your own architectural/logical bird nest that some problems are so specific, asking for help is nearly impossible. Sure you can hire someone that can dig into the problem for you, but it you're just starting, that's an unsustainable solution. More problems are coming, so you better get comfortable being stumped.

Grit is what will define you as a creator, entrepreneur, whatever you want to call yourself. What's grit? Your resistance to frustration. Your ability to overcome adversity. Your ability to figure it out.

That's what defines success: the ability to operate and execute no matter what stands in the way.

And if you do have these traits, don't waste them.