Google Is Weird And SEO Is Hard

Man, I don't know anything about building for Google. This is the first project where I'm thinking "yeah, I guess that'd be pretty nice."

I tested searching one of my articles and the result is weird:

Broken Google search result example
Broken Google search result example

When searching "carbonemike make work not suck" this is the first result. For some reason, it seems to be combining the titles of two very separate articles. Make Work Not Suck and I Want You To Breathe were posted seven days apart from each other.

I have no idea how or why Google is deciding to form the result like this.

They're not next to each other, they don't link to each other, and they're not even related!

When investigating the meta information of the page, the title and meta info looks good:

Meta information of page with correct title
Meta information of page with correct title

Within Google Search Console, the meta information that supposedly drove the generation of the search result is the same. So, I'm baffled.

This is one of those problems I don't even know how to begin diagnosing and fixing. I suck at SEO, I don't understand Google's generated results, and while I want to learn, I don't really want to dig into SEO world either. It seems to be pretty toxic from the surface.

Any ideas?