Growth Strategy: Medium Syndication

In an effort to deal with the content overload I've been experiencing and to drive more traffic to the site and my Twitter, I'm beginning to syndicate my blog posts on Medium (AKA reposting).

My goal is to get my content in front of more eyes, and link back to my Twitter in each of the articles. Hopefully the consistently scheduled posts will favor me in the eyes of the Medium algorithm. In every article, if I can, I embed a Tweet of mine, and always reference where and when the original article was posted like this:

Referencing back to the blog in the Medium post
Referencing back to the blog in the Medium post

Each post is scheduled during the week at 9am. The best posts are saved for Tuesday-Thursday, the not-so-good ones are scheduled for Fridays and Mondays.

It took a good amount of work transforming the article to the Medium-acceptable-format, especially looking for a cover image (the ones sent from are dynamically generated).

If the experiment goes well, I'll customize my CMS to better prepare for Medium's format and try to automate the process.

Let's see how it plays out...