Idea Obsession

Every few weeks, I get this really strong urge to build something new. Even though I'm building literally every day, this feeling comes over me where I get obsessed over an idea.

A concept comes into my head and I can't let go of it. My brain refuses to move on unless I write it down or pursue it in one way or another.

I've said it before, so this is nothing new to those who know me, but something I've always wanted to do was build the most kick-ass home security system. I'm not paranoid or anything and I certainly don't feel in danger, however the concept is really intriguing to me.

To me it's a perfect mixture of software and hardware. Hacking together locks, cameras, RFID cards, a local server and database, facial recognition, cell phone alerts, etc etc etc. I can go on forever.

It'd be so sick to create the best home security system that's connected to everything. It'd be so FUN. Especially learning the hardware aspect; I don't know much about hardware so that would be really fun.

At the same time, it's not necessarily something I have the brain energy for these days. I'm focused on other things. But one day, these are the types of projects I'll love doing.

Then when that's all done, I'll be able to move on to the other thing.