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Saved October 16, 2023

AB Testing on Node

How I approached solving AB testing on a node server; starting small and making it flexible.

Saved September 24, 2023

Audio files of 20th-century period classical music

Wikimedia Commons songs

Saved September 18, 2023

Some notes on Local-First Development

I see “local-first” as shifting reads and writes to an embedded database in each client via“sync engines” that facilitate data exchange between clients and servers.

Notes: bleeding-edge, contradicts API approach

Saved September 12, 2023

Create a webhook, schedule a task, forward emails, deploy in seconds. Everything in a simple web based editor.

Saved September 11, 2023

Observable Plot

The JavaScript library for exploratory data visualization

Saved September 11, 2023

Parisians Are Pledging Allegiance to the ‘Republic of Super Neighbors.’ They Must Bring Cheese.

A grass-roots movement aims to recast urban living in Paris and other cities around the world through a hyperlocal prism of neighborliness.

Notes: Interesting ideas to foster local community

Saved September 4, 2023

Big Farms and Flawless Fries Are Gulping Water in the Land of 10,000 Lakes

When Minnesota farmers cranked up their powerful wells, they blew through state limits. Thirsty crops included corn, soybeans and perfect, fry-friendly potatoes.

Saved September 3, 2023

In Praise of Heroic Masculinity

Teach boys that strength can be a virtue.

Notes: disable js to read

Saved August 31, 2023

America Is Using Up Its Groundwater Like There’s No Tomorrow

Unchecked overuse is draining and damaging aquifers nationwide, a data investigation by the New York Times revealed, threatening millions of people and America’s status as a food superpower.

Notes: Hydroponics

Saved August 29, 2023

The Silicon Valley Elite Who Want to Build a City From Scratch

A mysterious company has spent $800 million in an effort to buy thousands of acres of San Francisco Bay Area land. The people behind the deals are said to be a who’s who of the tech industry.

Notes: I hate this

Saved August 25, 2023

NJ Farmland Assessment Overview

The New Jersey Farmland Assessment Act of 1964 permits farmland and woodland acres that are actively devoted to an agricultural or horticultural use to be assessed at their productivity value.

Notes: Tax qualification for NJ farms

Saved August 25, 2023

Nutrient Film Technique in Hydroponic Gardens

Learn how to use the simple and easy nutrient film technique in your gravity-fed hydroponics garden system with this helpful guide.

Saved August 25, 2023

Improving Medellin: Sergio Fajardo Valderrama

Sergio Fajardo discusses the role of transparency and planning in the transformation of Medellín, Colombia. Elected as an independent, he began his tenure without previous negotiation with political elites, which allowed him to escape the tradition of patronage and clientelism.

Saved August 23, 2023

Replacing a Cornice | RAND Engineering Architecture, DPC

Keeping the cornice in sound condition is paramount to preserving the architectural qualities and historical character of their properties.

Notes: New buildings don’t look as good as old buildings. Cornices may contribute to that. (TIL “cornice”)

Saved August 14, 2023

Paul Graham on Ambition, Art, and Evaluating Talent

Tyler and Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham sat down to discuss whether young founders have gotten rarer, whether he still takes a dim view of solo founders, how to 2x ambition and more.

Saved August 14, 2023

Tamagui — React Native + Web UI kit

Write less, run faster. Styles, optimizing compiler & UI kit that unify React Native + Web.

Saved August 14, 2023

The Clean Energy Future Is Arriving Faster Than You Think

The United States is pivoting away from fossil fuels and toward wind, solar and other renewable energy, even in areas dominated by the oil and gas industries.

Saved August 13, 2023

Hey, America, Grow Up!

Maturity, victimization, and building a stronger mindset about yourself.

Notes: Teens should read this

Saved August 11, 2023

Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning about a Highly Connected World

Amazing resource about networks and network science.

Saved August 9, 2023

Hydroponics - Oklahoma State

Overview of hydroponics and hydroponic systems.

Notes: Could be an interesting strategy for growing large quantities of food in cities that are food deserts.

Saved August 9, 2023

Scenes From a City That Only Hands Out Tickets for Using Fentanyl

Oregon’s experiment to curb overdoses by decriminalizing small amounts of illicit drugs is in its third year, and life has changed for most everyone in the city of Portland.

Saved August 8, 2023

Homeless Camps Are Being Cleared in California. What Happens Next?

One of the state’s largest homeless encampments was recently shut down in Oakland, but that didn’t stop the problem of homelessness.

Saved August 8, 2023

Fighting for Anthony: The Struggle to Save Portland, Oregon

The city has long grappled with street homelessness and a shortage of housing. Now fentanyl has turned a perennial problem into a deadly crisis and a challenge to the city’s progressive identity.

Saved August 8, 2023

The Life and Death of American Cities

Richard Ravitch showed other leaders the right ways to step up and work to save their cities.

Saved August 8, 2023

Surgeon General: We Have Become a Lonely Nation. It’s Time to Fix That.

I have a plan to rebuild social connection and foster healthy relationships.

Saved August 8, 2023

‘The Bear’ and the Need for a Place to Belong

The powerful moral message of FX's hit show.

Saved August 8, 2023

How a Vast Demographic Shift Will Reshape the World

The most powerful countries have benefited from large work forces for decades. What happens when they retire?

Saved August 8, 2023

Where Are the Big Ideas for New York City?

The resurrection of the greatest city in the world requires grit and ingenuity.

Saved August 8, 2023

19 Tactics to Solve the Chicken-or-Egg Problem and Grow Your Marketplace

An inside look at 19 tactics top marketplaces have used to solve the chicken-or-egg problem and kickstart growth.

Saved August 8, 2023