My Three Day Rule

My general rule: if something won't leave my head after three days, I do it.

Usually it's a fear of judgement, a fear of rejection, or fear of failure that deters me from doing what I want to do. The three day rule puts pressure on myself to overcome that. I've chosen to not let these ideas bother me.

No matter what the consequences are—good or bad—dealing with the consequences are better than having this lingering thought always bothering me. And after some experience, I realize judgement, rejection and failure aren't so bad anyways.

And let me say, when that lingering thought is finally gone, that third day is the best.

Today the three day rule took effect with two different ideas. One result sucked, the other was great. But overall, both are out of my head and in the world. Now I have more room to think about what's in front of me rather than ideas of possibilities, and it feels great.

Take action on your ideas. Don't let your dreams be dreams. A ton of shots will miss their mark, but some will stick. And the ones that stick make it worth it.