My Typical Winter Day

A few people were sharing their routines on Twitter, and decided to share mine too! Thanks @Dan for tagging, and thanks @Colin for starting the thread!

I put Winter in the title because my schedule drastically changes when the weather is nice. Lots more outside time, hanging with friends, and bike rides.

This schedule also fluctuates drastically every day, so take the times with a grain of salt.


10:30am: Wake up, catch up with brothers, sisters, and parents also working in the house, check updates on phone.

11am: Open laptop, check in on Slack and emails. Start coding by working on an easy problem.

11:30am-4pm: Focused work. Get majority of work done here. Usually a bowl of cereal or light snack in here. Sometimes a coffee. Sometimes lunch.

4pm-6pm: Lift and work. This is something new I've been trying and it's been going really well! I bring my laptop to the basement, blast some music, pump out some sets and write code in-between. Surprisingly productive.

6pm-6:30pm: Finish up work for the day. Knock out what I wanted to finish, decide what I'll want to do tomorrow. I'm realizing now I do this each day. I never want to wake up not knowing what I'll work on.

6:30-7:30pm: Consume enough food to feed a small African village, shower, protein shake. Laptop is closed at this point. Lots of guitar strumming in this time.

7:30pm-9:30pm: Chill, watch TV with parents, play chess, write my daily blog post, phone time.

10pm-1am: Gaming with my brother and cousin or friends. This is actually a super important part of my day. This is where the majority of my social time comes from. The laughs, the catching up, the fun. If I skip this, it noticeably affects the next day's productivity.

1am-1:30am: Go to bed, watch YouTube. Usually chess videos, Bumgartner Restoration (#bumGang), TED talks, or Adam Ragusea until I fall asleep.


That's usually what my day looks like!

Some comments: yes, I sleep in! Sometimes I'll start my mornings a bit earlier (that's more of a summer thing), but the sleep is nice and don't really want to wake up earlier if I don't have to. Plus, the late night is way more valuable to me.

Yeah, I don't have a ton of meetings usually, so my work is usually pretty packed into the middle of the day.

Because I operate on my own schedule with the late mornings and late nights, some people think I don't do anything all day. I hear it in their tone of voice and the way they talk about what I do. They think I'm lazy, and sometimes equate me to being unemployed. That really frustrates and annoys me.

I take pride in how hyper-focused I get in the middle of the day, and my current and past teammates can attest to that better than anyone. Having the freedom and liberty to make my schedule does not make me lazy. In fact I'd say it's the opposite: it's a benefit of starting a business. That's not easy.

Anyways, I really appreciate this thread for that reason—it's really cool to see how different people operate on their own time.

We all have the same number of hours in the day, and that's how I spend mine.