One Year Liquor-Free

Today marks the one year point of giving up liquor. I still drink wine and beer, but liquor is off limits. Last March I realized I didn't like blacking out, I didn't like waking up feeling like death, I didn't like not remembering what happened, I didn't like my stomach being in shambles for a week after, I didn't like losing control. And liquor was always the catalyst that got me to those points.

I realized what's the point? I have way more fun when I'm not completely shit-faced and in control of myself. And to people that say "just drink less", liquor sneaks up on you. Especially as a big guy, you can never tell if you're a heavyweight that night or its taking some time to have an effect. Moderating is hard, especially in the heat of the action.

So, I decided to cut it out altogether. I didn't even like the taste. It's still hard to say no to people, but I think my friends are finally understanding and supportive of it.

One year was the original goal I set when I started this challenge last year. However after seeing how great the change was, I don't know if I'll ever go back. But saying forever is always harder than saying for now, so let's set another challenge: two years.