Reception Doesn't Define The Work

Disappointment can only exist with expectations. So when I'm feeling disappointed, I think about my expectations, and why I expected that.

Today, I feel disappointed about yesterday's announcement of the blog and the reception from Twitter.

When I'm creating a post of any kind, there's usually a few people I have in mind who I'm hoping react in a certain way. A like, a retweet, a comment, whatever. And when those certain people don't react how I hoped they would or don't even acknowledge the post, it leads to disappointment.

That's what happened yesterday.

My gut instantly thinks "oh jeez they didn't like it", but there can be a million reasons why somebody didn't react. They could've not even seen it! Especially yesterday by posting on a holiday.

But in the end, I know my happiness doesn't depend on how my work is received. Hell, if any artist did they'd all be in shambles. Shit, maybe they are. Van Gogh syndrome.

And those reactions (or lack thereof) certainly don't take anything away from the work itself.

So regardless of expectations, it's important to acknowledge to myself that I'm proud of the work I've created. And if someone I thought would like it, didn't?

Fuck em.