So Close

After a kick-ass demo today led by Leslie Camacho, Arcade feels like it's on the brink of explosion (in the best way possible).

My theory of run out of ways they can say no is starting to take effect. At the end of each call, the company usually ends with "we love it, but here's why we cant use it." That list of reasons keeps getting smaller and smaller with each demo we do.

It validates my idea of how product-building is similar to the scientific process. We're getting so close to having a no-brainer solution to such a complex problem. It feels surreal how far the product has come, and each new feature distances Arcade from its past-self and competitors alike.

I coded for about 9 hours straight today. It was when I had a headache at dinner did I then realize I had forgotten to eat that day. Unhealthy? Yes. But that's just how much energy is going into the product right now. I'm firing on all cylinders.

We're getting faster. We're getting better. And we're not stopping.

We're so close.