The Guise Of Unproductivity

The other day I wrote about "productive unproductivity".

I mentioned to my dad today that I feel like I've been unproductive for weeks. Then he said something interesting which surprised me: "Your product is built. Now it's all about the small improvements that make it great for users. The improvements feel small, but they add up and will be meaningful when people are using your product."

I was shocked at how right he was.

After weeks and months of pushing huge features, pushing the product further day after day, I've reached a point where the most important thing I can do is polish and perfect that last 50%.

It feels uncomfortable, but these small improvements are what will define the product as whole. Reflecting back at what has actually changed vs what I feel changed, the improvements are more than noticeable.

These past three weeks of "unproductivity" have elevated the user experience and functionality of the product very much. The improvements are quite substantial looking back.

Even though it feels like I'm being unproductive, the reality is the opposite. Many small refinements makes for a very different pace than few big feature additions. A pace that I'll have to get used to and accept.

Besides, sometimes these small improvements are the most rewarding.