The Internet Revolution

Today has been crazy with the $GME fiasco. It's fascinating.

No piece of news has distracted me more than today's. I'm completely hooked: refreshing my Twitter feed, seeing everyone's reactions, hot takes, predictions, Robinhood shutting down, the wave of politicians responding, texts from family, basically the entire internet imploding.

It's so much I can't look away. It feels like the world is changing right in front of us. Between this and the insurrection a few weeks ago, it seems we're entering a new age of decentralized organization: a huge amount of people aligning their small behavior in a specific direction to cause a big impact. It's a new way to organize. A new way to change the world. And it's all through our phones.

It's been made clear that institutional stability is very much in the hands of the people.

But who stopped each effort? The insurrection was extinguished by the suspension of 45 from Twitter and other social networks and the hedge-fund attack was stopped by Robinhood and other trading platforms (probably just temporarily). Tech leaders continuing to flex their muscles... King Jack, anyone?

Regardless of how distracting and engaging the whole crisis is, it's still my choice to participate in it. At the end of the day, the second I put my phone down, everything is back to normal.

For now, at least.