The Last 50%

I'm developing a certain feature to improve the user experience of Arcade. It's nothing fancy; a loading element that smoothly renders components when the API data is ready.

While the feature isn't complicated, it adds so much to the value of Arcade (or at least, perceived value). The better the user experience is, the higher-quality the product feels, and the more it's worth.

I like to compare these finishing touches to one of those restoration YouTube videos. When the video gets about halfway through, I always think "wow, that looks freakin great", yet there's still half the video left! But it's what happens in the second half that makes the restoration go from great, to wow. It's where their expertise shines.

The paint, polish, anti-rusting, and general preparation for future use is what takes the restoration to the next level. And that's where I'm at with Arcade.

This isn't faked or some mirage of quality—the product is good. Really good. But I want users to know that what they're paying for is as good as I know it is.

It's that last 50% of detail that makes something great. Thinking it's good isn't good enough. There is always room—room for improvement.