2021: The Year of Arcade

I like to think you guys are salivating at the mouth waiting for me to skip a day.

Well at ease soldiers, that day is not today.

Anyways first day back on the Arcade grind after the winter break and DAMN it felt good to get back on it. The product is so close to being ready for some real-world testing, just a few tweaks to go. And man, it's really exciting. Some of the features we've cooked up are pretty killer, and I think a lot of developers and designers are gonna be pretty hyped once they see what we got. It'll change the game.

Today Dan said "Happy 2021 all! IT’S THE YEAR OF ARCADE."

With all the moves we've been preparing over the past few months, it feels like we've been winding up a trebuchet and the potential energy is ready to freakin send it. Part of me thinks this will unfold slowly, but most of me thinks this year is going to be just explosive. In a good way. And I'm excited to see what happens.

So, 2021 is the year of Arcade. Hell yeah it is, Dan. Hell yeah it is.