What Are We Selling

Asking this question has revealed so much. It's obvious what features we have, what problems we're solving, and what our product is, but what are we selling?

The answer usually isn't obvious. If it's obvious, you're probably not building anything new or you're pretty damn good at this. Regardless, take a chance. Think about it.

Oftentimes, what we're selling isn't actually the product, but the result of our product. For example, task management tooling companies don't actually sell a task management tool; they sell time saved, money saved, team organization, etc. Sell the why, not the what.

If you're lucky, the introspection from asking the question will uncover something deeper though. Something overlooked. Perhaps something that makes you unique, or something that you haven't thought about. Or maybe a closer look at a feature that you've been undervaluing—one that has become so normalized to you that you have forgotten what it's like without it.

Whatever it may be, the question inspires a new look at what you've created. A fresh perspective that includes the totality of your product, not just its most recent developments.

So much understanding developed from such a simple question. Today, this question might have inspired a decision that will fundamentally change the way we work for a long time, at least on our small team. I think this same question can uncover so much for you as well. And there's nothing to lose from asking it.

So, what are you selling?