Writing Imperfection

Being able to write every day is not easy. I must accept that each post won't be completely thorough, won't include detailed examples, won't have custom graphics or fleshed-out code examples. Hell, sometimes it won't even be good writing.

These posts aren't going to be perfect.

I usually take about 10-30 minutes writing each one at the end of my work day. If I wanted each article to be perfect, writing daily wouldn't be possible.

Today on Twitter, someone commented on one of my posts saying how it would've been nice to see a concrete example; details about the schema I was talking about and more specifics.

While I would love to include details like that, sometimes I simply can't do it. It would take too much time or too much effort to produce these posts. I wouldn't enjoy it anymore. If the quality of content suffers, so be it.

I know people stumble upon my blog expecting to find a thorough example-filled article. They may not know I write every day. I know my posts are going to disappoint people that come here with those expectations, but that is something I won't do anything about.

The goal of this blog is to inspire thought. To get you thinking. That's the only goal. It's not a blog of tutorials or lessons or anything like that. It's whatever comes out of my brain when I sit down that afternoon.

Accepting criticism is healthy. Getting used to disappointing people is also healthy. Living to fulfill others' expectations would only drive me crazy and drive readers to form even higher expectations. I'm going to disappoint and that's okay. I run this blog for me, not for you.

In short: you get what you get and you don't get upset.