Makers Choice Awards

Today, @levelsio tweeted this:

💫 I wanna try a new Twitch thing where I live review your app/startup/site and give feedback, like @timbaland does with hiphop beats on his show...

And I asked if there would be a prize for the winner. He asked if I had any ideas. I replied:

Makers Choice Award

A little award PNG they get to put on their site? And then maybe a tweet out from you making it official (and for their promotion)

I’d be hyped if I got that

After thinking about the idea, I thought damn, this is a pretty good idea! I think the community would really rally around awards for makers, chosen by makers.

I like to imagine it as ProductHunt, but for makers already on their journey. We'd choose a "class" every week or two (rate TBD), and the community would vote on their favorite. Factors we'd account for is the actual business performance, how well they're building in public, traction, design, performance, etc. Then myself and other high-profile community members would help determine the winner from the top-voted.

This would also be a fun project to build in public myself. It'd be a cool opportunity to engage the community, and a situation where I can document my process for building these sorts of things. With that type of content being produced, I'd be able to use it to promote across different mediums like Twitter and YouTube, and hopefully help in reaching my 1k or Bust goal.

My only concern is burnout. I really want to focus on Arcade, but I also feel the need to build something that I can do for fun and document without worrying about leaking competitive information.

I'd love to not work alone on this. I'd love to build this with others. I'd love to have others contribute to the design. And I'd love to figure out a way to make this possible! Hmm...