Welcome To The New Crib

Since learning to code, I’ve had a few personal websites over the years; most serving as a resume piece and none nearly as successful as my previous. The last carbonemike.com was, in my opinion, a success: about 10,000 page views over 77 posts and a best of ~410 readers in a day. Not bad!

It started when I made it a personal challenge to post each day of 2021 while building my best startup yet, Arcade. While I eventually failed the challenge, the posts lived on as a reminder of experiences, things I learned, and moments of personal growth that I’m happy to reflect upon. In the moment of writing, some of those posts felt like a cop-out piece to satisfy the daily requirement. However upon reading them back, I realize the sum of those posts capture so much of my thinking and feelings over that period of time, and I’m happy they exist now.

Recently, I decided that casual writing is a habit I’d like to get back into; for my own enjoyment, posterity, and purpose. And what better medium than right here on my personal website? With a new frontend, a new Content API for unlimited flexibility, and some new interests, it’s safe to say: we’re so back.